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Learn about Greenhouse Gases, Calculate Carbon Emissions and how to Conduct Carbon Footprint Audits!

Upcoming course: 11 -12 February 2015 in Cape Town

This Certificate equips learners with the complete set of skills and knowledge needed to begin work in Greenhouse Gas Accounting and Carbon Management. The certificate uses case studies, real-life scenarios and practical examples to prepare students for working in this field. If you’re interested in carbon footprint assessment, carbon credits, carbon tax, and the global carbon market, this course is for you.

Sign-up for the condensed high impact 2-day course, designed for anyone who needs to know about carbon management and carbon footprint reporting!

Who the course is for?

  • Environmental consultants wanting to expand their expertise
  • Company employees who would like to add environmental skills to help them gain promotion in their department
  • Entrepreneurs moving into environmental services
  • Unemployed individuals wanting to find green jobs
  • Scholars and university graduates who would like to embark on green careers


  • Become a certified Carbon Footprint Analyst
  • Lead your company’s carbon footprint assessment and ensure you comply with international best practice for GHG accounting
  • Expand on your current skill set and develop your career with sustainability skills
  • Become proficient at carbon auditing and creating carbon footprint reports
  • Understand how to set boundaries for organisations
  • Learn how to create carbon footprint reports
  • Understand how carbon markets work




CPD points for engineers.


R5500 (excl. VAT) per person.

Upcoming Course Dates

GCX Africa 2014 Courses
11- 12 Feb 2015Cape Town
4 - 5 March 2015 Johannesburg
13 - 14 May 2015 Johannesburg
10 - 11 June 2015 Johannesburg

Course Facilitators

Meet Ohad Shachar

Ohad Shachar, GCX Managing Director, has over 7 years experience in the development and implementation of carbon management programmes along the full value chain of a business, from measuring the product life cycle of a litre of milk for Fair Cape Diaries, to compiling a greenhouse gas inventory for large industrial groups such as Metair, Raubex and Aveng. Ohad has worked with a distinguished list of the top 100 companies in South Africa to implement strategies to reduce the usage of energy, water, waste and carbon emissions.
He was the lead data analyst for the South African Cities State of Energy Report and spent 2 years in the UK where he provided strategic support to local authorities, housing associations and SMEs.

Ohad specialises in the development and implementation of climate change response programmes and modelling as well as being a skilled facilitator and trainer.Speak to Ohad

Meet Geoff Perrott

Geoff Perrott is an immensely experienced member of the GCX team and has been involved in climate change issues for the last decade.

Since becoming a Sustainability Business Analyst at GCX in 2008 Geoff has been involved in carbon footprint analysis and reporting; climate change adaptation synthesis; climate risk and vulnerability studies and training companies and individuals in conducting carbon footprints.

During a successful career in the UK Geoff was responsible for producing a county-based climate change strategy and action plan and has also worked with the Bushmen of South Africa across Sub Saharan Africa, covering legal, cultural and tourism-related challenges.